Sabbatical 2019

Just a quick note that I am on leave until January 2020. I hope to move a number of projects along over the coming months and so hopefully will see a few publications in the coming 6-9 months. I’ll be sure to update any news here.

Defence & Security Economics Workshop

Just back from a great time at the Defence and Security Economics Workshop in Ottawa. Really enjoyed my time on the panel discussing Eli Berman’s fantastic new book Small Wars, Big Data! I highly recommend the book to those interested in the study of terrorism, civil wars, and foreign interventions. As always, big thanks to Karl Skogstad (Lakehead), Ugurhan Berkok (RMC), and Dane Rowlands (Carleton) for putting on a super workshop.

New Paper Forthcoming

My paper “Racial Differentials in the Wealth Effects of the Financial Crisis and Great Recession” is now forthcoming in the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy. This is joint with Dan Giedeman and Leslie Muller. This was my first time working with Leslie and it was a great experience, thank you to her and Dan for their work on this. Also big thanks to seminar participants at Lakehead University and the referees for their help in significantly improving this work.

New Institutional Economics

With the semester over I figured I’d post the course outline for my recently completed Honours/Grad course in New Institutional Economics. I will definitely update it over the coming months to try and incorporate new papers and topics, so if any of you work/teach in this area and have suggestions please get in touch! Thanks!