I received an MA and PhD in economics, and hold a graduate certificate in New Institutional Social Sciences, from Washington University.

My research interests include growth, inequality, institutions, and conflict. I am on the editorial boards of Defence and Peace Economics, as well as the newly established Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy, and have published in numerous economics journals such as the American Economic Review (P&P), Applied Economics, Economics and Politics, European Journal of Political Economy, Public Finance Review, as well as law journals such as the Banking and Finance Law Review and Canadian Business Law Journal. I also blog about hockey and economics on Hockey Night in Headingley with Janice Compton.

I am a Professor in the Economics and Econometrics group at the University of Manitoba and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria. I am Past-President of the Canadian Development Economics Study Group, and have been a visitor at the Central Bank of Brazil, University of Western Ontario , and the National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam. Prior to academia I held positions in the Accelerated Economist Program and the Department of Finance of the Canadian government.

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