New Institutional Economics

With the semester over I figured I’d post the course outline for my recently completed Honours/Grad course in New Institutional Economics. I will definitely update it over the coming months to try and incorporate new papers and topics, so if any of you work/teach in this area and have suggestions please get in touch! Thanks!

Lakehead University

Just recently returned from presenting my work “Racial Differentials in the Wealth Effects of the Financial Crisis and Great Recession” (coauthored with Dan Giedeman and Leslie Muller of GVSU) at the economics department of Lakehead University. Had a great day there and really appreciate my fantastic host Karl Skogstad, all the members of the economics department, and all those that attended the seminar for their helpful feedback and warm hospitality.

New Paper Forthcoming

“Steam Engines of Credit The Role of Banks in Switzerland’s Economic Development, 1850-1913” is now forthcoming at Essays in Economic and Business History! Thanks to my coauthor Dan Giedeman (Grand Valley State) for all his work and for including me as a late addition to the project!

Journal of Economics, Race, & Policy

Very excited to be on the editorial board for the new journal Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy.

Here is more info from the recent Springer press release for the journal:

A new scholarly peer-reviewed journal which examines how economic conditions, race, ethnicity, and gender are interrelated with economic inequalities is being launched by Springer. The Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy (JERP) will be the first publication which addresses the pressing issue of economic disparity within both the developed and developing world. Submissions will be accepted from August 2017, with the first issue to be published in March 2018. Gary A. Hoover, President’s Associates Presidential Professor of Economics at The University of Oklahoma, is the editor-in-chief.

JERP will publish theoretical and empirical articles that examine the economic outcomes of both public and private sector market forces on groups distinguished by racial, tribal, ethnic, gender and linguistic differences. Submissions are encouraged from a range of disciplines including economics, sociology, political science and public policy.

“This journal can fill an important void in current scholarly endeavors by applying rigorous economic analysis to the intersection of stratification and policy analysis as applied to issues of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, language, and more,” said Hoover.

Lilith Dorko, Behavioral Sciences Editor at Springer Nature, said: “I’m very excited to build this vital new journal with Dr. Hoover. The Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy addresses both a gap in the available academic literature and the need for a modern approach to the intersection of race and global economic issues. We invite authors from a broad range of subject areas to submit original research, reviews and short communications to JERP, and look forward to creating a forum for exchange in this important field.”

Grand Valley State University

Thanks to everyone that attended my presentation of “Conflict and the Military Expenditure-Growth Link” (coauthored with Bryan Paterson of RMC) at the economics department of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids Michigan. Very much appreciated the questions and feedback on such a beautiful Friday afternoon. Also big thanks to my coauthor Dan Giedeman for being such a great host during my research visit!!

Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise

Big congratulations to my buddy (and co-author) Jeremy Jackson on the establishment of his new centre, the Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise at North Dakota State University. The centre will investigate the sources and causes of human well-being and the distinctive roles of entrepreneurship, free markets, philanthropy, private enterprise and public policy in achieving it. All the best Jeremy!!