New Paper Forthcoming

My paper “Military Spending and Growth: The Role of Institutions” with Bryan Paterson is now forthcoming at Defence and Peace Economics. Big thanks to Bryan for his work on this, as well as the editor and referees for improving the paper.

CDESG New Site!

The Canadian Development Economics Study Group (of which I’m a member and past-President) has a new website. This group is made up of many of the top development economists in Canada. Those of you interested in development economics should be sure to give the site a visit for information on conferences, funding, and member activity!

Ian McAllister Being Recognized by Dalhousie

I was very pleased to learn that Ian McAllister, a former professor of mine from Dalhousie University, is being honoured with an honorary degree next month at Dalhousie’s convocation ceremony. As a graduate of the Master of Development Economics (a program he founded), I can say that he has had a significant effect on how I view development and economic problems. This honour is well deserved, congratulations Professor McAllister!