Freedom and the Black – White Income Gap

My coauthor Gary Hoover (Alabama) is at the University of West Virginia today to present our work on economic freedom and the black-white income gap in the United States. We will be presenting this work at the upcoming AEA meetings in Boston.  

Hockey Analytics

For those registered for my Sports Economics course this Fall, I will be adding a section on hockey analytics. Should be a good way for me to learn a few things and hopefully will be of interest to my students.This is a great article if you want to better understand the way hockey analytics may change how we view the game and the players.   Hockey Analytics: Why They Help And What’s Coming Next (by Steve Burtch)

Public Choice Society

My coauthor Jeremy Jackson (NDSU) is presenting our paper (coauthored with Art Carden, Samford U) “Economic Freedom and Social Capital” at the Public Choice Society Conference Saturday, March 8 in Charleston, SC. This paper is in draft form but if you are interested in a copy I can send the latest version.

New Paper Forthcoming

Good day today. My paper “A Distributional Analysis of the Benefits of Economic Freedom” (with Dan Giedeman and Gary Hoover) is now forthcoming at the European Journal of Political Economy!

Defence & Security Economics Workshop

My coauthor, Bryan Paterson (RMC) is presenting our paper ” Military Spending and Growth: The Role of Institutions” at the 8th Annual Defence and Security Economics Workshop at Carleton University Friday November 8, 2013. If you are interested in this paper send me a quick email.

EBHS Baltimore

Just got back from the Economics and Business History Conference in Baltimore presenting my work Military Spending and Growth: The Role of Institutions, and getting to catch up with Dan Giedeman (GVSU) and Noel Johnson (GMU). Great time!!

UVIC Appointment

Just a quick post to note that I’ve recently become an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration. Thanks Lindsay Tedds for setting this up!