Interests: Macro / Development / Defence Economics / Institutions

Copies of Some of My Papers

Oil Shocks and the US Economy in a Data-rich Model (with Kuhelika De and Dan Giedeman). Economic Modelling. Vol 108, 105755, 2022. Paper

Country Survey: Canadian Military Expenditure and Defence Policy (with Karl Skogstad). Defence and Peace Economics. Vol 33 (5): 616-636, 2022. Paper.

Macroeconomic Shocks and Racial Labour Market Differences (with Kuhelika De, Dan Giedeman, and Gary Hoover). Southern Economic Journal. Vol. 88 (2): 680-704, 2021. Paper.

Paying for Freedom: Indentured Labour and Strategic Default (with Pinaki Bose and Arnab Basu). Economic Modelling. Vol. 89: 502-511, 2020. Paper.

Racial Differentials in the Wealth Effects of the Financial Crisis and Great Recession (with Leslie Muller and Dan Giedeman). Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy. Vol.1 (2): 126-141, 2018. Paper

Banking and Inequality: US State Evidence (with Chen Xu, Daniel Giedeman, and Gary Hoover). The Social Science Journal. Vol. 55(4): 396-403, 2018. Paper

Steam Engines of Credit: The Role of Banks in Switzerland’s Economic Development (With Dan Giedeman). Essays in Economic and Business History. Vol.36(1): 121-158, 2018. Paper

More on the Impact of Economic Freedom on the Black-White Income Gap (with Gary Hoover and Dan Giedeman). Public Finance Review. Vol.46(2), 205-223, 2018. Paper

A Note on Economic Freedom and Political Ideology (with Ji Gu, Gary Hoover and Dan Giedeman). Applied Economics Letters. Vol.24(13), 928-931, 2017. Paper

Military Spending and Growth: The Role of Institutions (with Bryan Paterson). Defence and Peace Economics. Vol. 27(3), 301-322, 2016. Paper

The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Black/White Income Gap (with Gary Hoover and Daniel Giedeman). American Economic Review. Vol. 105(5) P&P, 587-92, 2015. Paper

Economic Freedom and Social Capital. (with Art Carden and Jeremy Jackson). Applied Economics. Vol.47(54), 5853-5867, 2015. Paper

A Distributional Analysis of the Benefits of Economic Freedom. (With Dan Giedeman and Gary Hoover). European Journal of Political Economy. Vol. 33 (March), 121-133, 2014. Paper

Panel Evidence on Economic Freedom and Growth in the United States. (With Dan Giedeman and Gary Hoover). European Journal of Political Economy. Vol. 27(3), 423-435, 2011. Paper

Panel Evidence on Finance, Institutions, and Economic Growth. (With Dan Giedeman). Applied Economics. Vol. 43(25), 3523-3547, 2011. Paper

War! What is it Good For? A Deep Determinants Analysis of the Cost of Interstate Conflict. (with Steve Yamarik and Noel Johnson). Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy. Vol. 16(1), Article 8, 1-33,, 2010. Paper

Investing in Institutions. (with Noel Johnson and Dan Giedeman). Economics and Politics. Vol. 22(3),419-445, 2010. Paper

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